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Apple's new Intel Mac mini

Apple have released their new Intel Mac minis. I'm not ready to buy a new computer yet and I won't be until at least late this year and obviously I'll look at what's available at the time, but I'm seriously considering buying a Mac Mini instead of a tower this time around. I bought a G4 tower (a mirror shade G4, for those who keep track) last time because I wanted the expandability but then I'm paying for a lot of power I don't need. A Mac mini would be a lot cheaper, small and quiet. I have taken advantage of the tower's expandability (two extra internal ATA hard drives, a DVD ROM drive, an extra firewire card and more RAM) but if I'm willing to make a few compromises (I store most of my material on an external firewire drive anyway) I might have something that better suits my present "digital lifestyle" (God, I hate that phrase!). The Mac mini only has one firewire port, but I'm already daisy chaining.

Am I missing something? Comments are welcome, but please don't tell me to buy a PC. I've been down that road before. :P
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