Marko the Rat (marko_the_rat) wrote,
Marko the Rat

What a long, weird trip it's been

Hmf. Judging by my LiveJournal, I haven't done anything for the past few weeks. It's been so bad, in fact that I've received complaints from certain quarters (not that I'm naming names,
ristin) that maybe I'm not revealing as much of my inner soul as I should be.

aldi and ozkangaroo have been up in Brisbane for the past two weeks. I don't want to say too much on that, for fear of violating confidences. Oz very kindly bought Pouch (a kangaroo fur suit I've grown very attached to) at my request. Yay! Aldi and I are very much alike in many ways. So much so, we spent the first night he was in Brisbane lying on his bed (we were both fully clothed, for those of you taking a prurient interest) talking for two hours. (Don't worry, Ristin, you're still my only love!)

End message. Maybe I'll open up more as time goes by. Ristin has insisted that I update my LiveJournal at least twice a week. And, in light of my recent comment bemoaning the use of online quizzes as a substitute for content, it would be hypocritical of me to take the easy way out.

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