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Photos of Rattus at White Nights!

The wonderful pappasj invited us to a fancy dress party (around the theme of white) she held celebrating the coming of winter. I thought to myself, "What better symbolises the coming of winter than a giant rat?" and decided I should honour the event with the first public showing of Rattus to a non-furry crowd (except for the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, which doesn't count because it was a march rather than a party where people can get up close and personal with Rattus). She was very supportive so I built up my Dutch courage (apologies to my Dutch readers) with a few beers and then crept upstairs so I could reemerge as a six foot tall (including the ears) grey rat. I loved it, I absolutely adored all the attention and the cuddles. I was pleased to be recognised as a rat rather than a mouse. My beer drinking party trick also went down well. It's probably a bigger novelty for non-furries and it was a welcoming, open-minded crowd.

Click here for photos of the event! (You need to scroll about half way down for when Rattus comes on the scene, but there were lots of very clever costumes--the burst condom was my favourite!)
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