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After my last post (which I thought was just filler) which even made me lose a friend on LJ and gave me a record number of replies, I'm going to tone things down a bit for today. I was thinking of doing an angsty post, but then ristin would thwap me for not having confidence in myself, and I don't feel like being thwapped today.

Finally heard back on that job interview I did last week. I didn't get the position. Hey, like I said, I can afford to be philosophical about it. A colleague at work told me about another position that sounds just right for me. I'll follow it up and decide if I want to bother applying. The problem with a lot of permanent positions advertised in the public service is that the employer already has in mind who they want to fill the position (someone who's been doing it on a temporary basis for god knows how long) and they tailor the selection criteria accordingly. This way they get around the obligation for transparency but still get who they want. This might sound shady but it's a good idea: They already know the person in question and know they can do the job and they don't have to waste time on training a new person and familiarising them with the organisation. The private sector on the other hand can just hire who they want because they don't have to waste time and money on transparency.

In other news, I got some good food scavenging done today, as befits my species. I eat too much, but it is the rat way: You eat up when times are good so you have reserves to fall back on when times are bad. The problem with this strategy is that since I met Ristin, times haven't been bad. Old habits die hard.

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