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Distract the rat with shiny toys

Some of you may have noticed I know have a shiny new default LJ icon. I was sorry to lose rosequoll's beautiful icon, but I felt it was time to put on a more friendly approachable public face on LiveJournal, what with my sporadic involvement in some furry communities and the importance of "networking" (Ghod, I hate that word) if I'm to fulfil my dream of attending an American furry con. Also, lacking artistic talent is no excuse not to showcase some of my own work. It was drawn by aldi and I love it dearly, but it was coloured and laid out as an icon by me. (I'd love to show you a larger version but I very stupidly resized it before I saved it and quit Gimp.)

An unexpected surprise when trolling my friends list was a name badge for me, also by the gifted rosequoll. Eee! It will be just perfect when I go conning! (If I can get it colour printed somewhere.) Thank you Rose!

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