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Sat, Jun. 24th, 2006, 03:56 pm
New LJ icon

I revised the design on the LJ icon, letting me fit more into a tight space so I don't have to scale myself down quite so brutally. This had the unfortunate side effect of making my *ahem* tail appear smaller. It was a trade off between less tail and more rat. This time I do have a full sized version to show you.

Had a good time at the furry BBQ thing. Thanks to Foxy for organising it.

Sat, Jun. 24th, 2006 11:50 pm (UTC)

Actually, for someone who hasn't seen the full-size pic, you can guess what your legs look like. And, sometimes, that's part of the fun of furry art. Seeing only part of the body and fantacizing about what the rest looks like.

Sun, Jun. 25th, 2006 02:10 am (UTC)

*feels so proud!* :-D