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Will no one stop this madness?

On of the great traditions of Australians, especially when abroad, is having vegemite on toast. In fact, I'm having some now. One of the things I looked forward to doing when in America was to bring a small jar of vegemite with me and share it with my American hosts (which is also an Australian tradition). Vegemite is quintessentially Australian. So why is it that America is banning vegemite and going so far as to search Australians when they cross the border to make sure they don't smuggle any in with them? It is deemed illegal, because it contains folate which under American laws can only be added to breads and cereals. This from the government that wants its citizens to eat more folate, especially pregnant women. I'm sure you could go into any chemist and buy folate supplements, so why are Australians banned from enjoying vegemite on their toast when travelling in your fine country? I'm sure I'll enjoy my trip anyway, but if any of you want to protect this rat from vegemite withdrawal, ask the FDA or your local representative (politicians are always more responsive around election time) why they've taken the extraordinary step of preventing Australians from bringing it in and banning its sale. If enough people ask, they may get around to correcting what I hope is just an administrative oversight.
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