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TMI, anyone?

I've been thinking of setting up a TMI (too much information) filter. It was shy_matsi who gave me the idea. In it, I would talk about certain more divergent aspects of my sexuality ("What? Being a poof isn't enough for you?") and maybe even post the occasional naughty photo or video. Joining is easy: All you have to do is add me to your friends list (I'll want to see your LJ first) and ask me nicely. If I think you're a nice person, I'll add you (I need a certain level of trust for this). The most important requirement is that you be open minded! If you'd rather keep your membership private, you can ask by e-mailing to the following address (if it works):


If you ever want to get off, no worries. Just ask and I'll remove you from that filter. No hard feelings.

(The LJ filler post that got me into so much trouble would not be the sort of thing to appear on TMI. That was about love rather than the mechanics of sex, so I think it has a place on my general LJ.)
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