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While watching Furry Night Live at Further Confusion 2007, I suddenly understood why the anti-furry trolls hate us so much. We have something that they can't even comprehend, much less possess: We have each other. Some furries I have spoken to have gone to one con and vowed never to go again, feeling that this rampant exuberance is insulting to the spirituality of their experience of being furry. I felt that spirituality was implicit in everything I saw there, and in the very existence of the con itself. Except for the awakening that Pouch gave me when he brought Ristin into my life, this was the happiest time of my life. Can you imagine my envy of US furries who hop from con to con? :)

I don't want to give a blow by blow description of the con, I'm still trying to internalise the magnitude of the experience myself. It felt like some adult Disneyland where all your dreams come true. But I did want to mention the two most important events of the con.

Quite by chance, I found out that Pouchhopper was at the con. Pouchhopper was the person who made Pouch (I have since found his name was originally Spaceroo). Pouch/Spaceroo is a big plush kangaroo fursuit that reawakened my awareness of myself as a beautiful person deserving of love, and gave me the confidence to reach out when love was offered to me. Most importantly, Pouch brought Ristin into my life. I humbly begged for audience with Pouchhopper so I could thank him in person and I was granted permission. I waited for the appointed time with growing excitement and apprehension. I found that Pouchhopper and his partner Rainhopper are two of the warmest, kindest people you could hope to meet. They welcomed with open arms, and far more kindness than I would have any business to expect. I am still warmed by their heartfelt acceptance of me and my story. He told me that he puts part of his spirit into every suit he makes, and there's no doubt that it was that spirit that shone through in Pouch/Spaceroo and that healed me spiritually when I most needed it.

I attended a plush room party and there I was privileged to be reconciled with pepemapache, a very dear friend whom I still love. I won't go into our history together, but I was so grateful to be forgiven by him. I hope that we can remain close.

One of my few regrets was not having the opportunity to take as many photos as I may want to have for remembering the event later, but I always prefer to live life directly rather than vicariously through a lens. Time permitting, I will be uploading photos from the con to Flickr, so do keep any eye on it.
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