Marko the Rat (marko_the_rat) wrote,
Marko the Rat

When You're Young and Pretty

My first impression of New York has held: New York is big. Maybe too big for a little rat like me. And the biting cold did nothing to make me feel welcome. Without rapidtrabbit's help, it would have been hopeless. You can find more detailed reports of my adventures on his LJ than I would ever give here. Maybe later I'll regret not taking more photos on this trip, but I never wanted to live my life behind a lens. I saw the Statute of Liberty and Times Square. I saw ground zero, the site of the World Trade Center. What a sobering experience. I was suffering from the cold, but looking at those photos I forgot about my own troubles for a while. I'm glad I had two good friends to hug for comfort there. The highlights: Being photographed with Tenderheart Bear for ristin, and appearing (with Marty the Mouse playing me) on the Rapid T. Rabbit and Friends show (I am currently in negotiations on how much to ensure it never airs. ;) ).

But I do want to say something to make sure it's in the public domain:

I love this country!

No disrespect to my much cherished Australian friends, and god knows there's much to keep me there, but I feel as if America is my furry spiritual home. It seems full of kindred spirits for a rat like me. I will be back. There's no doubt of that.

Photos to follow, but probably not until I'm back in Australia.
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