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Marko T. Rat on the Rapid T. Rabbit and Friends show

I don't wanna hear it! I'm really embarrassed at how I did (I'm no good at improv) but I should let you have a chance to hear for yourself. The Rapid T. Rabbit and Friends episode featuring everyone's favourite Aussie rat will be aired on the Manhattan Neighbourhood Network at 5:30pm ET (Eastern Time) on Wednesday the 14th of February. It is available off MNN's website as a live internet stream. (This link works only for Windows so Mac OS X users may want to try going to the main website and clicking on the "mms" link for popup player 57/85 (making sure you have Windows Media Components for QuickTime installed), but it only sometimes worked for me. I'll be watching this on Ristin's PC.) It will also appear some time in March on the Funday Pawpet show, which at least streams with a sensible codec.

I haven't seen it myself yet, but probably the best bit will be when I play with the cups and drop one.
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