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This Furry Life

Having gone a few weeks without posting, some of you may be wondering what's up. Although me not posting for a long time can be a sign of depression, it is not conclusive. :) In fact, on the furry side, my life is great! I've been rediscovering Second Life and was recently accepted into the Furry Vermin club. I'm very proud that they took me into their dystopian, militaristic sim even though I was going about in the fur at the time. I'm sure a certain very special squirrel by the name of frynge had something to do with it. ^_^ To celebrate, I thought I should make some clothing more in keeping with the theme of the sim. I don't want them to think I'm just a bit of fluff they keep on the side. ;) They have some genuinely tough-looking rats there, but I was going more for a wannabe look. I'm still just a cute rat at heart.

Furry Vermin gear -- tail
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