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Revised rat on Second Life

As should be obvious, I just love Second Life. Part of what I find so appealing about it is the amount of control you have over how you look and it's not that hard to grasp the basics of how to do it. Over the past few weeks, I've done my latest round of changes to my avatar and probably have reached a temporary point of stasis. I thought this would be a good opportunity to share the latest fruits of my labour. The main changes are I've finalised my whiskers (yes, I'm meant to have more on the right side than my left), added ventral fur and added texturing to my tail.

EDIT: Added a close up of my tail so you can see the texture.

Haal Ratner full body
I've taken to wearing jeans (also of my own design) when going about in Second Life. It seems to me a reasonable compromise between personal freedom (I much prefer wearing nothing at all) and social acceptability. I also think the jeans go well with my ventral fur, sort of teasing you because you see the lighter fur almost ends there but not quite.

Haal Ratner head and chest
The whiskers I "borrowed" from a mouse avatar I bought.

Haal Ratner full body naked
I've subtly recoloured the balls to have slightly pinkish shade.

Haal Ratner full body naked side view
What a cute belly he has!

Haal's tail
And a tail at the end. I drew the texturing on paper, then scanned it in and gimped it until it looked like a rat's tail.

For a comparison, this is what I started with back in July of last year.
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