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In a bucket

"How would sir like it?"
"In a bucket!"

I've been very happy with Flickr up until now, but I seem to have come across a hitherto unknown limitation of Flickr: I can only have 200 photos in the photo stream on free accounts. The ones that fall off the end don't seem to be accessible at all. :( wynther_knight suggested Photobucket which seems to have a 10,000 image limit, but I'm not entirely happy with it: It doesn't let me include captions except as part of a slideshow and I can't keep track of it as an archive or share it with the flexibility that Flickr gives me. (Yes, I know I'm fussy. ;) ) Does anyone know of another photo sharing service I could try out?

EDIT: How foolish of me. Of course, I already rely on Google for most of my digital life so why not let them do my photos for me too? There's now support for Mac OS so I have no excuse. I don't know yet if it will meet all my needs but if it has the Google brand on it it probably will. :)
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