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Sun, Jul. 1st, 2007, 06:00 pm
Movie review

I went out with ristin and the gang at WestHaven to go see the new movie that everyone's been raving about. I think you know which one I mean. ;) Well, I have to admit, in spite of all the hype and positive reviews surrounding it, I was underwhelmed.

I went into the cinema for Ristin's sake and even though I didn't go in there with high expectations, they weren't met. If you're a fan of the cartoon series, you're going to love this modern retelling of the myth but this non-Transformers fan was left out in the cold. Sure, it had good CGI, but the action scenes were confusing and half the time I didn't know who was who. The story was weak to the point of being anemic, but you don't go to this sort of movie expecting strong story-telling. Now, I love America more than a lot of Americans, but it had this celebration of American militarism running through it that left me bemused.

In spite of all that, I'm glad I went to see it. My raccoon, having loved Transformers in his childhood, loved it and it was worth it to hear him say "thank you." Of course, I'd much rather be here gushing over Ratatouille, but that won't open in Australia until 30th August. I have to keep myself away from spoilers in the meantime.

Sun, Jul. 1st, 2007 08:26 am (UTC)

Well I've been hearing on how weak the Transformers storyline is and well I'm still going to see it for the action sequences and special effects. I've been a Transformers fan from Generation 1 and still have my original Autobot and Decepticon toys. The last toy I bought though was RatTrap from Beast Machines ^.-/\/

Sun, Jul. 1st, 2007 08:32 am (UTC)

I liked the movie a lot myself, but the whole "lets take the cube into a major town and hide it while being chased by killer robots" made me go wtf!!
Why would you do that!!??

Mon, Jul. 2nd, 2007 08:18 am (UTC)

The only thing I could think of would be that all the sources of energy would mask the energy signature of the cube (not that that seemed to work at all). But doesn't that mean they were intentionally endangering thousands of non-combatants?!
(Deleted comment)

Sun, Jul. 1st, 2007 08:55 pm (UTC)

As hesitant as I am to predict your tastes, I think you are going to love Transformers! Every Transfan does, which I suppose is the mark of a successful movie.

Sun, Jul. 1st, 2007 02:50 pm (UTC)

May I highly recommend Ratatouille instead. ^.^

Mon, Jul. 2nd, 2007 02:30 am (UTC)

Seconded, thirded, fourthed.

Mon, Jul. 2nd, 2007 04:29 am (UTC)

Yes, well, I certainly agree, but I don't really have a say in the matter. I don't get to enjoy Ratatouille until the 30th of August. I'm quite sulky about it, really. And to add insult to injury, we no longer have Disney stores in Australia (I really hate it when I make my country sound like some miserable backwater) so I've needed to make a costly purchase from the online Disney store to guarantee that my Ratatouille merchandising needs are met.

Sun, Jul. 1st, 2007 03:55 pm (UTC)

Go see rat-a-too-ee *leaves you cheddar* "Transformers" won't open here in the states july 3rd.

Sun, Jul. 1st, 2007 04:34 pm (UTC)

I just found a Beast Wars DVD on sale over at JB Hi-Fi today. Thought you'd just like to know. n.n;

Mon, Jul. 2nd, 2007 08:47 am (UTC)

If it's season 1 it might be worth it. I liked Rattrap (of course) but otherwise didn't much care for it.

Mon, Jul. 2nd, 2007 03:41 am (UTC)

Well I liked the movie myself, and yeah, unless you are a fan of it, its gonna be kinda hard to tell who is who during fight scenes.

Hey I'm gonna watch Ratatouille too. :)

Tue, Jul. 3rd, 2007 08:39 pm (UTC)

Dang! I didn't read your entry until now because I thought it was a bout Ratatouille, which I went to see this afternoon for $5.00!

Late August? Wow, that's far! I think you'll love it. :-)

Tue, Jul. 3rd, 2007 09:15 pm (UTC)

I was hoping to cause a scandal by implying I was disappointed with Ratatouille. I'm sure when I see it I'm going to call it the best movie ever.