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Rat goes mainstream

I've been blown away at the success of my YouTube submission to Gmail's collaborative video. Its popularity seems to have peaked on Monday when it got to be the second most viewed video on YouTube that day in the category of Film & Animation, beating all the other Gmail submissions. Comments were coming thick and fast, and I enjoyed deleting the spam posts and even an anti-furry troll. I think the troll took exception to his copy-and-paste opinion being deleted after only two minutes because the next day I found my rating had gone down to two stars after a sudden surge in the number of ratings. It's kind of funny to think that he has nothing better to do in his miserable life than make a series of alts on YouTube to pick on my video.

Gmail have put up a new set of featured videos and the furore seems to have died down, with the number of views now anemically creeping up toward 31,000. It's just something I did for a bit of fun and I had no idea it was going to have such an impact. If I had, I would have reshot it to make the M-velope more visible. All in all, I enjoyed my nine seconds of fame and I think it was well worth the half hour or so it took for preparation and filming. :)
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