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Wed, Nov. 14th, 2007, 07:00 am
Rattus and the Powerpix

(Sounds like a new super hero group.) I know, the only things I seem to talk about these days are politics and my fursuit. Hopefully there'll be more diversity after the election. I thought people might like to know that, in my vanity, I have submitted a couple of photos to the Duracell Powerpix Promotion. I can't point you directly to them, but at the time of writing if you click on the pull-down menu for sort gallery and choose "Newest" they are on Page 2 (it's nothing you haven't seen before). The photos they pick is based on votes from the general public and it doesn't look like you need a lot of votes to get into the running so I thought I might bring it to your attention. ;)
(Deleted comment)

Tue, Nov. 13th, 2007 09:52 pm (UTC)

I voted for you as well, did you have duracell batteries in your camera when you took the pictures though? hehe

Tue, Nov. 13th, 2007 10:09 pm (UTC)

Hmm, that site just doesn't work for me. :/

Wed, Nov. 14th, 2007 08:34 pm (UTC)

I find it very particular too. It won't work for me on the computers at work, for instance.

Wed, Nov. 14th, 2007 08:50 pm (UTC)

*noddles* And I wanted to vote for you. :/

Tue, Nov. 13th, 2007 10:31 pm (UTC)

You got my vote :)

Tue, Nov. 13th, 2007 11:37 pm (UTC)
mrbear2day: Go Rats!

Heh, you got my vote though it was a close tie between your pics and those of Schmoopy the dog! ;)
Hee hee, JK, no contest, you got my votes w/o a fight! ;)