Marko the Rat (marko_the_rat) wrote,
Marko the Rat

A Christmas rat

Seeing as it's now Christmas in Australia, I thought I should do a post reluctantly acknowledging the fact and to wish those of you who celebrate a Merry Chrstimas/Summer/Winter solstice.

As my small contribution to Christmas cheer, here is a photo I took of a small plush rat I got for Christmas (thanks jagafeh) investigating a paw print I found in bushland near my parents' house. The photo and this post was done on my new toy: an Asus Eee PC series subnotebook (It's small and cute: perfect for rats!) while I'm sitting on a log getting eaten my mosquitoes.

Image 00000

EDIT: I also have a photo of my Christmas rat posing on a huge ant hill I found soon after.
Tags: bushland, photography

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