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Ode to Marko

Today is my last day at work bar one so my colleagues took me out to lunch. Simon went to the trouble of writing a poem for me. I was so touched I wanted to share it with you all.
Ode to Marko

Oh Marko it's been a while at OQPC
How many years have you helped?
It's been over 8 years I see...

We'll miss you, you know
as we go on with the show
and I say with regret
for we won't forget
your willing assistance
without complaint or indifference

We'll miss you, you know, how can we not
you cover the library, IT, admin - even LO work - that's a lot!
but enough about us and more about you
we wish you the best in what you will do
its a new chapter, with a new crew
although we'll be here any day of the week
don't look back you're on a winning streak

So don't forget us 'cos we won't forget you
remember the fun times as we remember you.
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