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Let me entertain you!

I think I've worked this livejournal thing out! Instead of trying to talk about everything and madly self censoring myself (for all their flaws, I value my friends), I should pick one narrow idea and hammer it.

Here goes...

As you know, a certain raccoon has become a big part of my life since I met him down in Melbourne. As is only right, I've been up front about this with Byron who was notionally my partner until then. I don't feel I've dumped him for something better, in light of the fact that he has spent the last year treating me (both in public and in private) as something not much better than a room mate. In spite of this, he talks of my "betrayal" of him. I feel perplexed by this, and it was never my intention to hurt him. He should have realised that I would be willing to live only so long without love. ristin absolutely showers me with love. Is it so wrong that I want to be happy? I'm doing all I can to ease Byron's transition into the real world, because I do feel responsible for him. My heart is just bursting with love for Ristin, and there's no way I'm not going to reach out with both hands with grab this love when it's offered to me. I don't want to end up embittered and lonely.

Aldi? Could I commission you to draw LJ icons for me?

  • Plush Palace update

    Remy, the star of Ratatouille.

  • Plush Palace update

    Mango the fruit bat. I also updated Marty's bio.

  • Plush Palace update

    Marty, a Folkmanis mouse puppet. He originally had a vest. I'm thinking of taking him to America with me.

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