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Sat, Feb. 2nd, 2008, 12:52 pm
Furry Deanimator

For those interested, the Furry Deanimator skit is up on YouTube now. You can see me getting mowed down by a chainsaw on the left about two thirds of the way through. I was very proud of the makeup job I did for that bit part. I'm sorry it doesn't show up better on screen. Copious thanks to farraptor for putting together such a great skit and for letting me participate.

Sat, Feb. 2nd, 2008 09:28 pm (UTC)

*Keeps your warm* You were magnificent

Sat, Feb. 2nd, 2008 09:54 pm (UTC)

YAY.. you know really good seeing you and was happen to see you at the dinner on Thursday!!

I noticed I did not show up much in that skit but damm did I have fun!

*happy badger*

Sat, Feb. 2nd, 2008 09:58 pm (UTC)

I missed it the first time! That was awesome though man! XD Can't wait till they put up the furtrix one now

Sat, Feb. 2nd, 2008 10:23 pm (UTC)

It was my pleasure having you on. Thanks for helping to make furry history as a part of an epic evening of Furry Night Live.

I'll be looking forward to seeing you again, Marko!