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Tue, Feb. 12th, 2008, 04:38 pm
The obligatory shout-out post?

Oh no! It looks like I have to do a thank you page to everyone who helped me or touched me along the way. What if I miss someone? If you're wondering if you're mentioned then you probably are. If you think you should be and I didn't, give me a poke. I can be very forgetful.

In vaguely chronological order:
ristin: The very core of the whole experience. I could not have done this without the confidence and hope you gave me. Like it says in the Scissor Sisters' song: "Everything that comes to me/As good/Belongs to you."
higgs_raccoon: I expect you weren't expecting to make this list, but you often made yourself available over GTalk when I needed a shoulder and you helped to centre me on this long and sometimes arduous journey.
rainhopperroo: My first port of call, and how glad I am that it was. The love and attention you poured on me spoiled this little rat for the rest of the trip, perhaps to his detriment to his sometimes (but the blame for that always falls on me). And Skippy will have a loving home here in turn.
Waggs: I was hesitant at first when I learned Rain was staying with two wolves, but you quickly allayed my concerns. You were always so gentle, sweet and kind to me.
Alpha Wolf: I always called you Mr Wolf because of my high esteem (almost awe) for you. I hope you never thought me making fun of you when I gave you that appellation.
Waggs's sister: You were never a pain, but thank you for letting Waggs be in the middle for the second half of the road trip. ;)
ladybirmingham: I only got to meet you in passing, but I'm thinking it's my good fortune that I did.
jesper_f: Thank you for that room for the first night, and for everything else. I will remember your part in my second con for a long time.
morning_dragon: I only knew you through Jesper at first, but I'm glad I know you myself now. Let's do that again some time.
g_ni: I better get a cuddle next time.
chairoraccoon: Great to meet up with you and you taught me a valuable skill you'll be pleased to hear I've been practising while in America.
wildwolf4paws: Glad to see you're still doing well.
Collie: Eee! You were great! And I loved the "Cereal Tester" coat.
twigmouse: You'll always be special to me, even when you shouldn't. Thanks for the room, your fursuit expertise with Skippy, the roadtrip and the time you spent on me even when I know you had other commitments.
weasely: Thank you for letting him.
madiushrat: You let me carry one end of the Year of the Rat banner! I will be carrying that moment with me for many many years to come.
cjwuffie: I hadn't seen you for so long and then I catch you at FC. It figures.
forgottencoon: You were so kind, trying to cheer me up even though I assured it was not necessary (I admit you did catch me at a weak moment, you sneaky raccoon). My biggest regret is not showing up after FNL.
Robert: You are so cool! It's great to see Mikey ended up with someone as good as you.
moxxey: Thank you for the plush, but more importantly for the chance to see another side of you.
nicodemusrat: Good god! I think you know what I need to thank you for. Bringing Remy to the con and almost making me hyperventilated. You and Madius provided the two highlights of this year's con.
kit_ping: You spotted for us and helped me so much with the whole meet and greet and photo shoot thing, especially when I was half blind.
3catsjackson: So great to see you again! I'm so glad we at least got that breakfast on the last day of the con to talk a little.
fenrirwolf: You were at the con and I never got to meet you? Twig can attest to how upset I was when I found out. Even worse, I did meet you (your fursuit at least) and didn't recognise you. I can remember the suit, I'm so sorry Fenrir.
savant_da_rat: Savant, I never got to meet you this time, but I can't let this list go by without thanking you. You touched me every day through the sweater you gave me.
pepemapache: Thank you for bringing so many people important to me together in the one room. It's only a shame I didn't get to spend more quality time with them, and with you. You will always have a fond place in my heart.
foxwell: It was great to meet you again, but I only wish we could have had more time.
kiroo: Same.
plushlover: I was bemused by the "sticking by you" comment when I'd done so little. But again I didn't see enough of you.
farraptor: Thank you for putting together an awesome skit and for letting me participate. You were great!
Magnus Diridian: I was delighted to be part of your skit too. I was thinking I should find myself more stage time after sinking so much time into rehearsals. Thanks for asking me.
t_h_squirrel: Thanks for all your help during and before FNL. You're a star!
balloonfox: Damn, I really wish I'd gotten to spend some time with you. I just loved your suit.
thump: I didn't get to talk to you much during the con but I'm glad I got to make up for it after and spend time in your hot tub.
Zeebo: Yay! Thanks for showing me around Seattle! It meant a lot to me that you were still willing to do that even though I couldn't bring Rattus.
frynge: The squirrel of my dreams. You did so much for me.
Ky: Thanks for letting me borrow squirrel time from you and for making me feel welcomed.
johnny_dog and kupok: Thank you so much to the both of you for giving me what I most needed then: To feel loved.
Kit: I got to "bond" with you a bit more this time, which is good.
ivanotter: I got to spend some time with you and I learnt something about you which I had cause to suspect: You're actually a really nice person! That shouldn't come as a revelation but as Kupok said I needed to get in under your public persona. And you helped me with some lingering issues. I have a lot to be grateful to you for.
kahukilairu: I suspect you and I are a lot alike. We need to have a good talk sometime too. And thank you for letting me borrow your otter.
Habiki: Yay! My first fennec!

Wed, Feb. 13th, 2008 12:54 am (UTC)

And it was great to see you too, dear friend. It was very brief tho. But this time at least I got to take a picture of you and give you proper hugs. *hugs*!! And you know you live in a special place in my heart. Always!

Wed, Feb. 13th, 2008 01:39 am (UTC)

Is this only for those who got to see you at FC?

Wed, Feb. 13th, 2008 01:46 am (UTC)

Or otherwise during my trip. I'm sorry I couldn't have made it to the east coast this time. I really would have liked to see you and several other people along the east coast again.
(Deleted comment)

Wed, Feb. 13th, 2008 01:53 am (UTC)

Really? I only recall I met you in passing and I think I was hyper then having just done FNL and you seemed a little intimidated by the way I was acting.

Wed, Feb. 13th, 2008 03:00 am (UTC)

I miss you already....I know it is doubtful but I hope to see you soon...Also Robert's LJ is Balto_woof so you can add him if you like. Maybe next time you come down for a con we can room together, I wouldnt mind putting you up if it meant having you down with us ^_^

Wed, Feb. 13th, 2008 08:11 am (UTC)

I must say Ratty I was surprised to see my name up there on your list. It has been a long time since I've seen you and yes go figure we should meet on the far side of the world. I promise the next time I come back over there I'll make it a point to come and visit.

Wed, Feb. 13th, 2008 05:16 pm (UTC)

good to see you're a sisters fan too!