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And then the wallaby farted

First off, I'd like to mention I've got fresh photos of Harriet the Galapagos Island tortoise that met Charles Darwin on my site here. (I'm not going to make a habit of announcing updates to Roophilia here, but I thought this was topical as a follow up to an earlier post.)

It being a public holiday in Queensland but not in Victoria, I thought I'd console myself over ristin's absence by visiting the kangaroos at Lone Pine. I hadn't spent time alone with them for a few months, so it seemed a good opportunity. I pondered how lucky I am to be able to take these kangaroos for granted when poor aldi had to make every moment count, even going so far as doing things I disapproved of. Of course, I don't need the kangaroos like I used to before I met that wonderful raccoon. How blessed am I?

But, bringing us back to the title of this entry, I heard a male Pretty-face wallaby fart. Twice. I didn't smell anything, but it was a very distinctive noise. Although it's the first time I caught one at it, it's not uncommon for macropods to fart. Grass isn't all that good for you, you know.
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