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Good news for a change!

I never would have expected this from the previous government, but my hopes were not high for this one either: the federal government is overhauling laws about gay couples to remove discrimination against them in laws relating to tax, social security and superannuation. As the article is at pains to point out, this will also result in less benefits in relation to social security but that's only fair--legal recognition cuts both ways.

But there's more! Even though this has long been official Liberal Party policy as well they would never dare to enact it for fear of enraging the powerful Christian Right. But a lot of the Christian Right's lustre must have worn off after the election; they pulled out all stops to save the Liberals at the last election (crucifixes aplenty were in evidence among Liberal party workers on election day) but it wasn't enough. The opposition leader, after pressing the usual hot button issues (marriage, adoption, IVF) is cautiously promising to support the bill. If he is true to his word, this leaves Family First's one senator powerless to stop it. *suppresses an urge to gloat*
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