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The spirit of Ratatouille

I think a lot of rats, whether they realise it or not, were inspired by The Secret of NIMH. (That's not to say I think it's the reason they or I are rats, but it probably helped us come to that realisation.) I hope Ratatouille will have a similar legacy and introduce a new generation of rats to the fandom. In the mean time, I have the promotional material friends were able to snaffle for me, the most important of which was the banner brisdrake got me and the Ratatouille game promotional display ozkangaroo got me. I love those guys! (Coincidentally they're both living under the one roof now.) It took 10 months, (admittedly, I didn't get the display until long after my birthday anyway) but finally it has its rightful pride of place in the living room. ^_^

My Ratatouille living room
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