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ristin and I needed some "us" time, so we went on a road trip out to Warwick (pronounced "Worrick"). It was good to have some time together away from our computers and get out of the city for a while.

This is a very rough approximation of the circuitous route we took to get to Warwick. We weren't intending to go to Warwick at first; our mission statement was to get on to the New England Highway but then I saw Warwick and thought that would be a good goal to aim for. (Ironically, I don't think we ever achieved our mission because I believe the New England Highway doesn't start until after Warwick but the Cunningham Highway has much the same feel.)

Rest Stop
This is a scenic rest stop we stopped at along the way. On the rare occasions there were no cars going past, this gave us a taste of the peacefulness of the country that we so lack in Brisbane. It was nice to see some green grass again too. We were fortunate to have a relatively wet winter, giving us a much-needed respite from the drought.

This is facing into the CBD of Warwick (please don't call it "War-wick" like Ristin kept insisting on calling it). It may not look like much but we were pleased to see this country town still seemed to be in good shape economically as evidenced by the busy shopping centre and the recent work done on the main park.

There is so much more of this country that we haven't seen, but I hope we can see more of it together.

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