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Fursuits in unexpected places

Following on from dagbyot's hugely successful post about fursuits in unexpected places, I am doing my own.

Please watch this video and pay particular attention to what you see at the 0:50 mark. Bear in mind, this was 1983 in Australia, when furry fandom in the sense we understand it was in its infancy, so I was quite taken aback when a colleague at work pointed it out to me. (Yes, although I haven't shown off Rattus yet, my proclivities are at least well enough known for people to know that sort of thing would interest me.) I suppose somebody went to the trouble of making quite a serviceable kangaroo fursuit (except for the tail) in preparation for Australia's much hoped-for win against the Americans of the America's Cup.

My next fursuit sighting is arguably even more unexpected, but nonetheless disappointing. Singer Robbie Williams was reportedly seen walking the streets of Hollywood in a gorilla suit. I say disappointing, because I think this is further evidence Robbie's deteriorating state of mind rather than a recent discovery of furry fandom. I'm actually a big fan of Robbie Williams--Escapology was the soundtrack that ristin and I fell in love to--so I'm sorry to see an artist I respect so highly be reduced to tabloid fodder.

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