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Australia's internet freedom under threat

ristin and I (echoes of the Queen's "my husband and I"?) are most decidedly not amused at the Australian government's plans for net censorship in this country, bringing us on par with happy democracies like China, Iran and North Korea. Yes, this is the government that we cheered on its introduction but I warned then that in 10 years' time we may think of Kevin Rudd the way we think of John Howard now. I was hoping not to be proven right so soon.

You can learn more about this half-baked plan that promises to slow internet access and make Australia a laughing stock on the world stage and what you can do to help at

If you're an Australian citizen, please do what you can to help and pass this message on. I wouldn't normally ask this because LJ memes annoy me but this one is important and affects every Australian LJ user. It doesn't matter if you look at pr0n or not.
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