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The many moods of Ratatouille

I woke up feeling very sleepy. Quite exhausted, in fact. Exanimate. So much so that I called in sick. There was some unpleasantness online later that morning that left me feeling quite distressed, but I trust you know me well enough to know that I was determined not to let it leave me crushed.

I powered on and finished my latest project: A Ratatouille custom mood theme (also available in tree view if you prefer). I've been quietly working on it for the past few weeks.

I thought it was about time I took advantage of my paid account's ability to create my own custom mood theme. I know this one is larger than most, but I took care to make sure no image was more than 100 pixels tall or wide, and I hope this will be an adequate compromise between visibility and usability. I don't post every day, so I'm hoping this mood theme will not be an undue burden on anyone's friends page.

Unfortunately, even though I have had a request to share it, I'm not sure how, short of very slowly writing a console script that interested rats could then run on their LiveJournal. All the images are publicly available in my Ratatouille moods gallery. If anyone has any suggestions on how I could share this (some sort of mood theme exporter/importer perhaps?) I'm all ears.
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