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Raccoon gift giving II

In an earlier post I had confessed that higgs_raccoon gave ristin rabies and myself the black death. I am now ready to share the photos of these diseases, and even more importantly the painting he did for us.

(Click on any of the photos to see larger versions.)
I was so touched when Ristin unwrapped this gift. The sentiment behind it... (I'm choking back tears as I type this so I'll say no more.)

The back of the painting
The back of the painting. Does anyone know what these are for?

Black Death
Higgs gave me the bacteria that causes the plague and the flea it rode in on, being capably modelled by the rat puppet that Mr Bear gave me.

The gift of rabies that Higgs so thoughtfully gave Ristin, along with the raccoon Mr Bear gave Ristin.

(As an aside, you will know I have been thinking much of late about the United States of America. Also, I have been listening often to the song listed below as it has an important lesson for me right now. I was quite struck by the coincidence when I realised today that it was sung by the band America.)
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