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Going bush

Ugh! Just got home from appalling traffic on the highway and am too tired to do a full post outlining my experiences. You will have to content yourself with a point form description. I may expand on them later in the unlikely event interest is expressed on any of them.

  • All 4WD drivers (including female ones) have small penises. No exceptions.

    EDIT: Er, except for farmers and other people who need them in their day to day lives. For everyone else it should be illegal to own one and you can hire one when you actually need one. The roads will be safer and we'll be spewing less carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.

  • Endless half brown trees.

  • What struck me most about rural/regional Australia was the aural landscape. Only the occasional bird. So quiet I could hear my faint tinnitus. I would love it but after a few months I would probably go spare, having been raised in suburbia.

  • I did not go to the mythical "outback" you Americans may have heard about. I (relatively speaking) hugged the coastline and you have to get inland for that. Many, many kilometres from the cities. Few Australians have really seen the outback except passing through.

  • The songs on my Yopy included a good chunk of "Furry Fantasies 2: The Soundtrack". Ha! I so need to get a life. (If I ever get so old I worry about not having a "life" put me out to pasture and shoot me.)

  • I tried to find a National Park but despondency set in and I settled for the beach. Hervey Bay is the Gold Coast in training. Result so rarely coincidences intention.

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