April 29th, 2004


Let's play a game...

(Later I'll lecture you about the evils of spreading chain letters and why spreading memes is an exception, but for now let's have some fun.)

To save time, I'll combine two memes together. Tell me a memory you have of me. Anything you like. It can be either real or made up. If you're creative (especially if you've known me for a while), you can try to make the memory as convincing as possible and see if I can tell whether the memory is made up or real. I have a really bad memory, so it's a good opportunity to laugh at the rat.

You're supposed to pass on this meme by doing it yourself, but it's not like I'll remember whether you do or not! :)

You don't have to play the game part. A lot of my LJ friends are relatively recent, so there's not that much memory for me to get muddled in. Just do either meme and we'll see what happens.
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