September 9th, 2004


Election update (gay rats?)

So far, I've been quite amused at the direction this election has taken. The Prime Minister was called a "lying rodent" which inspired Collapse ) when the State Liberal Party President gagged local candidates from talking about Federal issues unless it impacts on their campaign. (The State Liberal Party has always been in disarray.)

Meanwhile, the National Party is firing off ill-considered salvos at the Greens which is only increasing their popularity in the polls as well as their media profile. Why the Nationals should be doing this is a mystery in light of the fact that the two parties must be attracting very different demographics. Meanwhile, they are firing salvos at their Liberal Party colleagues for seeing fit to field a gay candidate.

EDIT: As strange as it may seem, I feel I also owe an apology to the Liberal Party in the interests of fairness. Some weeks ago, when I was reporting on a political debate, I made a snide comment to the effect that the Liberal Party would never dare put up a gay candidate in a winnable seat. It turns out I had not been keeping track of the changing demographics of the seat, or the effect of recent electoral boundary changes. This is very much a winnable seat, and Ms Tall is far from a "soft" candidate.
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Roophilia update: A new movie!

I visited Lone Pine today for a much-needed de-stress session. Luckily, I bought my video camera and got some great footage of a pair of Pretty-faced Wallabies coupling. You can see the results here. It also includes footage of the male keeping other males away from her. The dominant male gets mounting privileges. (ristin, please take note. ;) )
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