October 28th, 2004


Election update

The National's Barnaby Joyce picked up the last Senate seat in Queensland. Not that he's going to read this, but I extend my congratulations to him and remind him what he said about the Queensland Nationals being a balance of power party.

It doesn't sound good though. Ron Boswell, the other Queensland National Senator, almost said "open slather" on the phone to John Howard, but I think Johnnie reminded him he's surrounded by media just in time.
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The Australian

The Australian may be a miserable right-wing rag, but between their poor journalistic standards and stubborn refusal to hire a proof-reader, they're rapidly becoming my favourite paper:
Mr Samuel said the ACCC also was paying closer attention to the use of sports stars and celebrities in endorsements, highlighting the "grave embarrassment" suffered by former game show host Ian Turpie. Earlier this year Turpie was found not to have suffered from impotency despite fronting an ad campaign for a nasal spray saying he did.
Should I admit to ristin that I'm fully potent?
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