November 26th, 2004


The miracle of birth

We were just talking at work about the miracle of child birth and how fathers are now allowed to cut the umbilical cord and what happens to the baby's physiology after that. Now, don't get me wrong, I love all my female friends and have great respect for the female body and all that, but giving birth is icky. :P I much prefer a nice clean marsupial birth.
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Vivo's post reposted

vivo very kindly gave me permission to repost her LJ entry that I found so inspirational. Nothing really earth-shattering to it, but she said the things I needed to hear when I needed to hear it.

I like LJ. I like that it is an excellent way to keep in touch with a huge number of people who I'd otherwise have an intense amount of trouble hanging on to. I also like that I can actually look back over the years and see where I was at and what I was doing at different points; for that reason, I guess I wish I updated more frequently these days. There's too many gaps in my calendar for this year!

Just now, I did one of my favourite exercises and scrolled through 'this date through the years'. And it almost seems like November 24th is some kind of crazy Significant Date or something, and I *have* actually posted on this specific date every year since I've gotten this journal. So. What has this date been for me?

2001 - I was saying huge goodbyes to everyone because it was the day before I left for a camping trip. The 'Dicky Beach' trip, with my friends from highschool, which not only was an insanely fun week, but also happened to be my non school/music/otherwise supervised camping trips.

2002 - I made a resolution to do 'three worthwhile things' every day, which I know I managed to keep at least for a little while. Perhaps I should start it up again, even if I make it markedly easier by making it 'one worthwhile thing' every day. Also, this is the day Chiko died, and burying him in the garden was a significantly Worthwhile Thing.

2003 - I'd written a rather sweet, short entry that just reflected being in love. Going back a few entries, I managed to work that that day I'd come home from helping Tyrone move the previous day, and not long before then I'd finished my last Uni exams.

2004 - Today. Well, obviously, this is the entry for today. And what makes it exceptional is that today is the day Tyrone and I have our own place to live in. We applied, and we were accepted, and some time in the next couple of weeks we'll be moving in to our own house. Together. I'm still hurting, and I'm kind of sick with a sore throat and sniffles. The house is quiet again... the same quiet that I thought would kill me earlier this year, and it hurts and I miss her, but she'll be doing better where she is now. But Tyrone and I have a house. We have a house. Tyrone started his new job at David Jones today, I worked my little ass off with my fuzzy baby farm animals, and we got a place to live in together. Wow.
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