December 26th, 2004


Furry Art Club

jagafeh used to host a furry art club (maybe he still does; I wouldn't know). "Rule 1 of Furry Art Club: Do NOT talk about Furry Art Club!" Anyway, I attended once and one of the rules is, "If this is your first night, then you MUST draw!" The theme that night was "sport", hence the tennis racquet. Knowing that, in this art-based fandom, artists are revered and courted, I wonder if this will help improve my stature?

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*pulls up a seat and waits expectantly for the accolades*
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While on the art theme...

I tried my hand at computer colouring and coloured in aldi's "sad" icon in Gimp.

I know I've butchered it horribly, so if anyone wants to take pity on me and computer colour it in properly (maybe as a belated Christmas gift), you can find a full-sze version here:

(Note: Last post's soundtrack was a reflection of how I feel about myself right now after the aforementioned unpleasantness. This one is what I'm going to do when no one volunteers.)
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Happy birthday cheezymouse!

Can I have a slice of your birthday cake?

(Don't expect me to make a habit of congratulating people on their birthdays. I can't keep up. But CM needs a lift. And go wish him a happy birthday on his LJ, not mine.)
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