January 11th, 2005


Rat fursuit: Work in progress 3

This post has two functions: To grace you with more of Rose's wonderful work and to seek your input.

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You will notice in the first two pictures that Rose has provided examples of the suit with and without eyebrows. What do you people think? I think the suit does need eyebrows, but I'm not so sure about the ones she has there. Should I go for thinner eyebrows? A different colour? Eschew eyebrows altogether?

Also, the suit needs a name, but I am not seeking solicitations on this point. (At least not yet.) I have that damned German mouse's name Diddl stuck in my head, but I'm tending towards "Rattus". Dignified but maybe too impersonal?
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The year in retrospect

Snaffled from chrystena, I am posting the first sentence from every month in 2004. I thought this might be amusing since this marks my first year of LiveJournal, and I've only threatened to leave once!

What? [Ed: I never said they had to make sense.]

I took aldi to Alma Park Zoo, and forever established Brisbane's reputation as the (heavy) 'roo petting capital of the world.

Um... no comment. [Ed: See above.]

Not a filler post; more of a teaser.

Not a picture of me and I don't approve of seeing breasts on kangaroos, but I thought Shy might like this. ;) [Ed: TMI filter post.]

Same as everyone else.

I love you. [Ed: From a ristin only post.]

Some lesser known macropods under Miscellaneous.

According to this article, a senior Senator of the same party allegedly called the Prime Minister John Howard a "lying rodent".

What could be a more (anthro) rat-like activity than eating scavenged cheesecake?

Look at this great Halloween raccoon photo from porsupah!

I read this bit of unpleasantness in the New Zealand Herald today.

Hmm. This didn't work as well as it did for Christine. Maybe I'm not as succinct a writer as she is?
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