March 8th, 2005


Mardi Gras post

Other people have done great posts about Mardi Gras already, so I'm not going to bother. Instead, I'll share with you photos (Taken by Ristin but hosted on rosequoll's website. Warning: image intensive for slower connections.) from the event and a few random thoughts and recollections. I also passed some of these photos around at work and it marks my "coming out" at work as a furry. ^_^

I had a terrible case of stage fright before the march, wishing something would happen to cancel it, but once there I was excited and eager to begin. The march itself was a blast; I highly recommend it for anyone lucky enough to be able to go. The suit frees you from yourself and your petty worldly concerns. You are there to entertain the crowd and it is their happiness that sustains you.

The head fit well and even had room for my glasses, though I don't recommend wearing them in the suit because they fog up and obscure your vision. The head had good ventilation and I was able to survive the whole march including the two hour wait in it.

There seemed to be a lot more awareness of what furries are at this march, and mostly in a positive sense. The anti-furry trolls obviously still have a lot of work to do, the poor dears.

A girl gave me a bottle of beer because she thought I was cute. I just loved the expression on ristin's face when he caught me with it and did a double take: "Where did you get that from?" (I'd drunk the bottle and gotten rid of it before I started the march--I don't think it would be a good look for an innocent rat to be guzzling beer.)

Even though neither of them are likely to read this, awesome thanks to both Kell and Al for helping us out when we needed it. And thanks to Rose for providing the wonderful fursuits the Brisbane contingent wore which got a lot of attention (and even scored me a beer) and for making the whole thing possible. Thanks also to my dear friend Belinda for putting Ristin and I up while we were there.
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