August 1st, 2005


Do you believe in ghosts?

The IT administrator at my work recently went a conference down in Hobart, Tasmania. While there, he visited Port Arthur and took their ghost tour. Port Arthur was an infamous convict colony, renowned for it cruelty; a fertile territory for ghosts. He said he got some anomalous effects on some of the photos on his digital camera. I scoffed, but I admit some of the photos left me a little spooked. Most of the photos were taken with no one in front of him. The scene was completely dark, illuminated only by the flash. No one saw anything out of the ordinary at the time. He used the same camera at Parliament House in similar lighting and got nothing unusual. The photo I'm presenting here is one I found particularly eerie, but is a representative sample of what he got. It is exactly as it came off the camera except for resizing to be more web friendly.

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