November 6th, 2005


10 weird things meme

I compile this list under duress from ristin:

  1. I, too, am a dual citizen. I am a Finnish citizen by birth and an Australian citizen by choice. I hope you can tell by my wording that I value the latter more.
  2. Before I met Ristin, I considered myself too good for blogging.
  3. In general, I still consider myself too good for meming.
  4. Even though I consider Roophilia the more controversial site, The Plush Palace is still the only site for which I've been flamed. Maybe I'm just not trying hard enough?
  5. The thing I want most for Christmas is a rat-themed tie. If anyone knows where I could source such an item, they would earn my undying gratitude.
  6. Even though I never would have thought it possible, Ristin has actually managed to convince me that I have a beautiful body.
  7. I am an avid nudist, and am deeply offended that Queensland does not have any legal nudist beaches.
  8. I am the proof reader for the 2.0 User Guide, though I haven't done much work on it recently.
  9. Even though I have never contributed anything to it, and I hardly write at all, I am technically a contributor on the highly esteemed furry science fiction shared universe fanzine Tai Pan and I still receive the contributors' newsletter. Life takes strange turns some times.
  10. I enjoy walking and I'm grateful to live in a neighbourhood where I can feel comfortable going out for a walk at night. At least, as comfortable as a timid little rat can be anywhere.

I am also required to tag five other people. This tedious ritual I consider entirely non-binding and I invite the tagees to ignore this at their leisure: pappasj, nightcoon, swiftrat, plushlover and sebkha.
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