June 8th, 2006


Would you rather cuddle a car or a rat?

Cars is out in cinemas today and rumour has it that Pixar have included a trailer promoting their next movie, Ratatouille, due out in cinemas about this time next year. Judging from the advertising on children's television this morning, Disney have already admitted Cars is a dog of a film and is only interested in exploiting the obvious merchandising possibilities that come from a movie about cars. What I want to know from anyone who might have gone to see Cars, is it true that they have a trailer for Ratatouille showing beforehand? I'm tempted to go see it just to see the trailer on the big screen.

ristin made a very interesting point about how happy he is that I finally have a positive rolemodel for rats in Ratatouille but the upcoming movie Over the Hedge (already screening in the States, but still to be released over here) has a raccoon as the main character and it seems to be perpetuating more negative stereotypes of raccoons (he's a sneaky manipulative thief, but I'm sure the movie will bring to light a lot of good qualities too). But just how good a rolemodel will Ratatouille be? Based on the trailer, he's a greedy thief (most rats, and his father is an example, engage in the far more honourable profession of scavenging) but we are invited to empathise with the character's addiction to fine food and, as flawed as he is, he's clearly the "hero" of the film. I think I speak for all rats here in saying that we're just grateful to be getting even some partially positive attention in the mainstream media.