July 6th, 2006


Even more rats in the movies!

It turns out they're doing a live action remake of Charlotte's Web. If they're following the animated classic (I have to confess I haven't read the original book by E. B. White) Templeton the rat, while not a main character, does have a significant role. I don't know if other rats will agree, but I always saw him as a likeable rogue.
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Proud to be a rat!

I've been fairly bursting with rat pride lately. I've stood up for my species on Second Life, and I even defended the honour of scavengers at work today.

To celebrate, I made a "Proud to be Rat" montage today for my profile. It's intended as a sort of homage/tribute to Rose's "Proud to be a furry" sequence, also in my profile.

Proud to be a Rat

The artwork is courtesy of rosequoll, aldi, swiftrat and Ninja Weasel.
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