February 9th, 2007


Transit update

Because I know some of you kind souls will be worrying about me. I'm in Auckland airport right now, waiting for my connecting flight back to Brisbane which is still a few hours away. So far everything has gone smoothly, in fact I found out that a 12 hour flight is less gruelling than a 6 hour flight, maybe because they go to more trouble to make you comfortable. I''m pretty sure I slept on the plane, which I would have said was impossible just three weeks. How the rat has changed in just three weeks. I'feel happier and more confident. I'll see how much of that I will keep with me over the following months. I will do another quick update when I'm safely back at Westhaven.
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Memories in the rear view mirror are larger than they appear

Well, Marko's paw-holding (and tail-raising) tour of America has drawn to a close. It's nice to be back in front of a familiar computer and familiar heat. (It's not actually excessively hot today, which is good. But I'll never complain about the heat again. cryoyank was right.) But, god, I'm going to miss you guys. I've left pieces of my heart in America and I'll have to come back for them.

Before going, I speculated that this trip might break me, giving me an opportunity to rebuild myself. It didn't. Further, several people seemed to be quite taken by this humble rat from Australia. It's easy to dismiss my Australian fans, but Americans would not be so easily taken in. ;) It leaves me wandering if maybe there's more to me than I think. I shall have to meditate on that later.

In the mean time, I have been in transit for 34 hours (counting all the waiting in airports and arriving ridiculously early because it's an international flight) and I'm a smelly rat. I'm going to go have a shower.