July 6th, 2007


Best Brisbane furry con ever!

It's only the first night and already I can make that claim! ^_^ As promised, I suited up (this was probably the first day I was feeling decent after wasting weeks fighting off a stubborn cold) and entertained some of the furries at the BBQ, but brisdrake took it a step further by taking mistystriker and I for a walk through the market stalls at South Bank. This was my first time ever fursuiting out in public. It was scary, but rewarding. Even though ristin didn't feel up to suiting, I'm glad he was right there by my side. I'm not sure I could have done it without him being there. I'm really grateful to Drake and Foxy for organising RivFur and giving me the courage to do my first ever public fursuiting. And thank you to Misty and Bingo for the awesome name badge!

(Thanks also go out to ozkangaroo for making some last minute mods to the suit and getting it back to me on time.)

EDIT: hendikins has already put up photos from the event on his gallery.
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