November 24th, 2007


Kevin 07?

ristin and I gave our all for the Greens today. Will it be enough to win the Greens the last Senate seat in Queensland for the first time, and help them gain the balance of power at the federal level for the first time? Counting in the Senate has not even started yet and these tight results can take weeks to determine. (But based on primary votes in the lower house we have cause to be hopeful.) But the counting after only an hour (AEST, two hours for the Southern states) is pointing to an historic Labor win. This alone is cause to celebrate, after the current government slashing its own throat on ideologically driven legislation after gaining control of both houses for the first time in over 20 years. I believe both sides are capable of good policy and good governance, this is most emphatically not what we have seen in the last term, and I am overjoyed to see its death knell before it could cause irreparable damage to the Australian way of life. The counting is still too early for Labor to claim a victory (after being 16 seats behind), but they are having a hard time hiding their enthusiasm on the ABC's election coverage. ;)

EDIT: Those of you following the results may have seen that, based on the latest counting in the Senate, the Greens missed out on the last Senate spot. Overall, the Greens still managed to gain one seat overall but I was so looking forward to one of those coming from Queensland. We campaigned well and polled higher than the opinion polls which put us in a winning position. So what went wrong? As churlish as it sounds to blame an opponent, the Democrats did much worse than the opinion polling suggested they would which starved us of preferences. And the polling for Labor in the Senate was weaker than the opinion polls predicted it would be and stronger for the Coalition. All of these things combined to rob us of the last spot, unfortunately vacated by Andrew Bartlett and handing Queensland over wholly to the major parties. :( We still did well, polling 7.33% (as at counting of the Senate being 53.14% complete) which is pretty good for a State in which the Greens are traditionally weak.
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