January 22nd, 2008


I but saw her passing by

"I but saw her passing by, but I shall love her till the day I die"

Former Australian PM Robert Menzies, referring to the Queen of England

It is a shameful thing when a rat hands his heart over to a mouse. rainhopperroo's household and I went to Goofy's Kitchen last night (after I spent the day at Disneyland! Squee!) and we got our photo taken with Minnie Mouse. I thanked her for the photo and she ... kissed my paw. A dirty rat like me got a kiss from someone who is arguably the queen of rodentkind. I will remember that a long time.
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Putting Rats in Virulent Agony

Rain took me to Blackstar Canyon this evening and we got a fright.It was past twilight and getting quite dark.That, combined with the cold and complete silence made for an eerie atmosphere. We were walking down a decaying bitumen when I came upon the first word: "Putting." Being a curious rat, I naturally eagerly walked further to see if there was more. The next word was "Rats" which both intrigued me and spooked me: why would anyone out here be picking on me? Word followed word, forming the phrase you see above. Te first letter of each word was emphasised. It was at that point that I almost begged Rain to take me back. I eventually decided I wanted to carry on and the rest of the words were illegible from the cracks in the road but the next word looked like "Torture." I was frankly spooked, but we kept going, until Rain came across a Detroit D (he originally came from Detroit). By then we figured we'd seen enough. On the way back I figured out the words were forming an acronym: "PRIVATE," presumably for private property. I was a little less spooked when I realised that, because "Rats" was just there to form the acronym, but I don't think either of us were in the mood to explore further by then.
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