April 20th, 2008


Listening to Internet radio on the Wii and regular expressions

I recently managed to get my Wii to talk to the internet and I've had a lot of fun browsing YouTube videos on it. I do have one problem though. I'd like to listen to internet radio from this site. It would be very handy when I'm doing dishes, for instance. The Wii uses Opera as its browser, but it doesn't have a plugin that will understand the protocols used. Is there a flash-based workaround for this, or can I get plugins for Opera on the Wii? The trick is I really need to use the site I linked to above because then it won't eat into our download quota.

Now I'm going to pretend to be a techrat and ask about regular expressions. You needn't read further unless you're a unix guru or morbidly curious.

In hacking at shell scripts to automate making Roophilia PicLens-compatible, I learnt a lot about the unix find command, but not enough apparently. Can anyone explain why this works:

find . -iregex ".*\.jpe?g$" -print

but this doesn't:

find . -iregex ".*\.html?$" -print

I'm guessing it has something to do with the ? butting up against the $, but why should that upset it and what's the workaround? I'm using Mac OS 10.4 and a bash shell but that shouldn't make any difference.

Also, does anyone know of a GUI front end for find? I don't mind if it's only for X11, as long as someone's ported it to Mac OS X.

EDIT: Please disregard what I said above about jpe?g working. I'm full of it. savant_da_rat correctly pointed out that neither will work on Darwin because it's based on BSD which uses basic regular expressions by default. Who said unix was complicated!
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