December 21st, 2008


MidFur: photos and reflections

It took me long enough, but I've finally put up some photos from MidFur X. Most of these photos were taken by qtplatypus and keito_fennec. I was really bad about taking photos myself. I was meaning to go down to the convention area myself but it never seemed to be the right time.

For me, the highlight of the con was definitely performing in my own skit. As poor juzbunny can attest I was so scared beforehand but when I was up there just soaking up the cheers of the crowd I felt like I could have gone all night. Here is one photo of me from the skit (thanks Hendikins!) but I hope more will crop up over time. As if just doing it wasn't enough, Jenner (the creator of Doc Rat) later gave me a sketch he did of me. He did sketches of the all No Talent Show participants. It was an unexpected bonus from doing the show but one I will much value.

I might put up videos of some of the other skits later. Unfortunately, I missed most of the skit that followed me because I was still recovering from doing my own, which is a shame as it was organised by Treemeadow, a friend and my roommate. The white rat puppet in it was actually the one mrbear2day gave me so I have all the more reason to hope that some kind furry will put up video of it so I can see it in full.

As for the con itself, I went down there with some trepidation I admit but the con organisers really pulled it off. They did most everything they said they would and I'm proud I got to be part of Australia's first furry con. Sometimes things weren't planned ahead enough and communication was a weak point. But kudos for everything they did to make us fursuiters feel welcomed. Well may the MidFur committee hold their heads and tails up high!
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