December 28th, 2008


Furry BBQ hailed a great success

Thank you to Nikita and Miao for organising a great BBQ! Much fun was had by all and because the rat and his friends came in late I got to scavenge instead of paying my own way! (Bad rat! At least there was no talk of putting me on the menu then.) The fursuiting fun that followed (in the Brisbane sun no less!) makes me want even more to get separate arms for Rattus so I could wear him as a partial. Anyway, photos are available so you those of you not fortunate enough to live in Brisbane can see what we got up to.


Wii Guitar Rat

Jenner (the writer/artist who does Doc Rat) has done the most amazing drawing of me in honour of my performance at MidFur. I admit I'm taken aback. Shocked. The dictionary lacks the superlatives to express how I feel at this great kindness. It is enough to say I'm deeply touched.

I put my heart and soul into that skit. I did little else in the weekends leading up to MidFur, but the cheers of the crowd paid it back handsomely. To get drawings from it too...

(Also, I hope higgs_raccoon will forgive my impertinence in bringing his gift to me to slightly higher prominence. It too means a great deal to me, but for different reasons.)