January 19th, 2009

Ratatouille joy

Introducing the... Ratatouille Mood Theme

I'm pleased to report I now have a sharable Ratatouille custom mood theme, just in time for Further Confusion! Just download the zip file, follow the included instructions and share the ratty goodness.

Unfortunately, I found out that I am not the first to have this bright idea. If I'd known earlier I might not have bothered with my own project so it's probably just as well. The talented upsa_daisy has also done a Ratatouille mood theme. Theirs is more impressive, seeing as it covers 132 moods and is fully animated. I like to think that mine caters to those who (like myself) find animated moods distracting. Also, mine has a slightly stronger ratty focus.
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Raccoon gift giving

higgs_raccoon very kindly left us something to remember him by before he returned to Europe: He gave ristin rabies and he gave me the black death. ^_^ With any luck, photos will follow. But even more special than these was the touching portrait he gave Ristin: I don't know if a photo will do it justice but I will try my best.
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